Mako 28 - 2020

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The team demanded even more responsiveness, tighter turns, more agility, more surfing, and as a result we put the Mako 28 into production, and we were very quickly rewarded with a World Championship. The outline has been optimized for maximum agility, and low drag.

The light weight, short length, narrow width, and optimized foil design and thickness ratio allows you to surf your raceboard like never before, spin on a dime, accelerate quickly, and get you on more bumps and stay on them longer.

The fin with maximum agility, cutting the tightest turns, and letting you place your board exactly where you want it.

As with all of our fins, this design is efficient at shedding weed, so you confidently know that nothing is holding you back.

Now with the VMG blades Fin Lock and Multipin system.

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Style Maximum Manoeuvrability
Intended Conditions Built for tight buoy turns
Surf / Open waters
Competition Type Technical Racing / BOP
Downwind Racing
Surface Area (in2) 28
Weight (g) 115
Draft / Length (mm) 190
Base Width (mm) 150


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