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R Series High Modulus Front Wings

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 R Series Front Wing

High Modulus Front Wings

We are excited to welcome the high modulus downwind specific front wings to our range. These wings are designed for the growing discipline of downwind SUP foiling.

The 860R High Modulus and 770R High Modulus were both used by World Champion James Casey to win major races in Hawaii this year. The 860R High Modulus won the Molokai 2 Oahu Downwind World Championship. The 770R High Modulus won Paddle Imua, a shorter, sprint style race.

The team has worked hard on its construction, creating a super lightweight front wing with phenomenal stiffness for its span. If you are looking for a wing that will let you go fast and far in downwind conditions, then the 860R High Modulus or 770R High Modulus is the wing for you.

  • The High Modulus R Series are made with High Modulus carbon and are of the build quality users will be familiar with from other Code Foils products.
  • These wings are designed for a wide speed range and efficient pumping. They are not as manoeuvrable as some other wings, but they glide forever and still turn. We call them our “longboard foils” because of their long, stable design.
  • The 860R High Modulus and 770R High Modulus have an incredible low end for their size. James Casey demonstrated this by winning the M2O with a flatwater start and a challenging finish in upwind conditions. Ben Tardrew also used the 860R to battle for a win and end up on the podium in a nearly windless Hood River challenge against the best in the world.
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 Designer Notes - Marcus, Ben, Dan and James

We are particularly proud to release the long-awaited R series front wings. These wings were designed to win the M20 race. Not only did we achieve that, but the versatility of the R series also led to a podium finish in light conditions at Hood River. You’ll notice the strength and stiffness for their aspect ratio. The construction is rock solid, and the sensational and effortless glide of the R series is sure to impress.

860R High Modulus

The 860R High Modulus hydrofoil is a larger version of the 770R, and it offers even more stability and low-end performance. It is a great choice for riders who want to push the limits of downwind foiling in terms of distance and racing. The 860R is perfect for riders who want to go on long downwind runs or race. The 860R will keep you comfortable through long races and help you preserve energy.

Here are some of the key features of the 860R High Modulus hydrofoil:

  • Extra stability and low-end performance
  • Perfect for long downwind runs
  • Good choice for heavier, intermediate riders even in lighter conditions.


770R High Modulus

The 770R High Modulus hydrofoil is a great choice for riders who want a front wing that is stable, efficient, and has incredible low-end performance. It is not as maneuverable as similar sized S series wings, but it makes up for it with its long glide. The 770R still has great turning ability, but offers a different style of turn to the S Series wings. The 770R is perfect for riders who want to cover a lot of ground quickly with minimal effort.

Here are some of the key features of the 770R High Modulus hydrofoil:

  • Wide speed range and efficient pumping
  • Incredible low-end performance
  • Long glide and good turning ability
  • Stable and forgiving
  • Good for long downwind runs and races.
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