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Our unique foil designs offers versatility in manoeuvrability and superior glide. Dedicated to relentless testing and innovation, we proudly deliver the world’s finest hydrofoils. Australian-owned and designed for uncompromising performance.

If you would like to purchase a full set up - including - Front Wing, Tail, Fuselage and Mast

It is best to contact us to facilitate quick delivery/pickup and best rates for your area. 


Call: 1 604 518 6933

Current Availability - Module


The Code Foils S Series Front wing is the ultimate all-around front wing. It works for beginners to advanced.

850S – Available Now
720S – Available Now
980S – Available Now


Code Foils AR Series Tail Wings are fast and extremely efficient with excellent glide.

150AR – Available Now
142AR – Available Now
158AR – Available Now


Code Foils Masts are tapered toward the bottom of the mast to increase glide and efficiency.

75cm – Available Now
85cm – Available Now


Code Foils Fuselage has a unique joining system which joins together with zero movement!

Medium – Available Now
Small – Available Now
Long – Available Now

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