4in1 Foilboard

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Sunova Boards are based on 2 principles Board Construction and Board Design 

Board Construction: Sunova has turned to using natural materials, like balsa and paulownia wood, which have enabled them to construct higher performing boards than could ever have previously been achieved with conventional materials.

Board Design: In addition, these natural materials have made it possible for the Sunova Team to implement new and radical designs into their boards. Like Bert’s own creation of “the Parabolic Rails”, which has revolutionized surfing technology and utilizes the forces of true surfing action occurring at the rails. Giving much more direct flex and spring by moving the mechanics to both rails and not relying on only the center stringer.

Product Details

THE 4IN1 is like 4 boards in one!

“Windfoiling, SUP foiling, WindSup & Surf SUP on one board. Extra long foil mount boxes allow foil mounting for both SUP and Windfoiling positions. Quad fins for surf SUP and windsurfing, this is the ultimate travel companion when you can’t decide what board to bring.”

(((All prices shown are for TR3 tec.  All boards are also available in XXX tec for 15% extra))) 

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