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The Sunova board bags carry the theme of the Sunova company and are designed with the purpose of protecting their quality boards. At the same time they try to offer a point of difference to what “normal” board bags look like and add some colour and custom feel to them. 

Surf & SUP Board Bag

Every style and size of Sunova Surf board and SUP Surf board has its own custom fitted bag. Sunova Surf and SUP surf bags are made with 10mm foam throughout with double padding and rubber protection in all critical areas like the nose, tail, and center. All zippers are extra robust. Tail extension area with zipper. 3 super smooth neoprene carry handles and convenient zippered fin/accessory pocket. 

Race Board Bag

The SUNOVA Race board bags are designed with quality and protection in mind. With extra handles (4) and a large detachable carry strap makes carrying your 14’ board easy. The 10mm foam, extra protection, oversized durable plastic zipper and handy snitch straps, make this bag one of the best on the market. 

Product Details

This Sunova product has been designed and constructed with a purpose. The details of which are extensive and worth understanding. We encourage you to view the details for this board on, then return back to the Quick Water Canada site for availability.  

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