Aviator SUP SUNS

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The Aviator SUP is the do it all Foil Sup.

A high performance foil board suitable for Wing Foiling, Downwind Foiling and SUP surf foiling. Designed over two years this board became James Casey’s go to sup foil board whether he is surfing, downwinding or winging. James Casey’s own development is pushing our collaborative limits all the time. The goal of the Aviator was clear. To do it all with one board, and that’s exactly what it does.

A clean outline allows ease of paddling and foiling with less chance of the nose grabbing. The V to double concave bottom gives stability without compromising performance. Comes standard with footstrap inserts.

The SUNS line uses an engineered hybrid glass compound in its construction. This makes the boards very strong and resistant to impact damage at a very reasonable price.

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